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Tom Smith and his Digital Acoustic LJ

A Reality-Based Online Community

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Tom Smith
Tom Smith is a musician. He does mostly comedy, but will bring out some serious stuff now and again. Apart from eighteen albums, fourteen Pegasus awards, a whole bunch of Guest of Honor-ships, and thousands of fans worldwide, the only important thing he's done is gather an incredible bunch of smart, funny, and talented friends, many of whom are beautiful women. He loves all of humanity unconditionally, although Dick Cheney is really pushing it.

WARNING: I have some strongly-held political views, and this is a forum where I can express them. Doing so does NOT constitute a personal attack on you, the reader. It's my freakin' opinion. To pick an example not at random, I have very strong views about gun control. If I express them, I AM NOT TRYING TO PISS YOU OFF. If you feel I am attacking you personally, send me a private message. (Although I promise you, if I was really personally attacking you, I think we'd all know.)

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