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My God.

Before I say anything else I am staggered with everyone's reactions - or I would be staggered if I could stand up.I don't think I can ever tell you all how much I love you and thank you. And I'll go a lot more into that when I get back on line (thanks so much huskiebear!).

OK. Wow. Deep breath. Mechanical details. I was at the ark on Saturday at Christine Lavins concert and for the big finale she was going to lead everybody in a reprise of a song they had done earlier (it was very cool, or would have been. More details later) and she called me up on stage. The stage at the ark is 16 or 18 inches high and there was no intermediary step. Stupid me, I tried to lug my big self up there anyway, and when I made the big effort with my left leg, something went pop crackle loudly enough for somebody near me to hear it and I was on the stage. On my back, yelling. EMTs were called, there were doctors in attendance who helped me and Christine said "Well, that was a real showstopper!"

A few years ago I partially tore a quad in my right leg. That was bad, but it could heal on it's own. This can't. Fortunately, it's a very common procedure. Basically re-attatching the ligament or tendon or whatever to the bone. But right now I can not move my left leg below the knee and I can't put any weight on it. So going to cons is right out. I hope that I will be up and moving in time for Gen Con - I think I will be.

Meantime, I'm in the hospital. They are apparently debating whether or not to fix it. I have no idea why they're debating. I can't move and it won't fix itself, so I'm stayin right here til they fix it.

Naturally, there's no net access. As soon as I can I will be back online and give you guys more details and just thank you all for everything. This is a setback, but not a permanent one by any means. Heck, I might even lose some weight! ;)

In any case, you guys are beyond amazing and I can't thank you enough, although when I get moving again, I'm damn sure gonna try. (Special note to janmagicand per_solo, who I haven't spoken to yet: obviously I'm not going to make DuckCon or InconJunction. I'm really sorry and we'll do something special next time.)

Again more thanks and love than I can say.

 (transcribed and posted by huskiebear- all typos and grammar mistakes are mine)
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