November 15th, 2009


More WindyCon

The concert yesterday afternoon went pretty darn well, I thought. Just before that, I caught the first half of Luke Ski's, and he was in fine form and having fun. After, I hung out in the hall for awhile, talking to many nice people (including Bob Passavoy, who I never see enough of). Then I went back up to the room for awhile.

I'd got it into my head that the Masquerade was at 9:00. Well, at 8:20 I was getting ready to go down, and I looked at the program book to see where it was, and discovered that it was at 8:00.

I was downstairs by 8:25. Got backstage literally three minutes before I had to go on. Fortunately, it was before, so I got up there smoothly and got right into it... as it was announced that the masquerade winners would be announced after 9:45.

So I'm suddenly committed to an hour and fifteen.

Noooooooo problem. Rocked the house. I've done almost four hours of concert this weekend, with only two repeats ("Two Guys Kissin'" and "Rocket Ride").

Then I went to the open filk for a bit. Bill Roper, Kiki, Matt, others. Some guy noodling very well with a banjo. A new kid, Ray I'm pretty sure his name was, wrote a song yesterday morning, and he's got a very soft voice but the song was good and his guitaring is also good. Another new person, a young girl about the same age, did a couple of songs I presume are some kind of alternative folk-rock. Nice voice, good stuff.

Today: packing up, hanging out by the dealers' room for awhile, Closing Ceremonies, home.

How's by you?