October 24th, 2009



Just hangin' and relaxin' and gettin' lots of hugs. I did okay in the Pegasus Nomination Concert, and a lot of the performances were amazing, especially Ookla, Heather Dale, Wild Mercy, and most awesomely the whole audience singing "Stray Dog Man" so Bill Sutton didn't have to. :)

Today will be much more intense. At 3:00, Luke Ski and I represent the whole FuMP in a concert guaranteed to be either the Most Awesome Thing Ever or the Biggest Crash And Burn In History, possibly both.

How's your weekend so far?

2009 Pegasus Awards

  • Best Rock n Roll Song: "Six-String Love" by Vixy and Tony
  • Best County Song: "Stray Dog Man" by Bill Sutton
  • Best Writer/Composers: Vixy & Tony
  • Best Performers: Heather Dale and Ben Deschamps
  • Best Classic Filk Song: "Still Catch the Tide" by Talis Kimberley
  • Best Filk Song: "The Wreck of the Crash of the Easthill Mining Disaster" by Brooke Lunderville
Congratulations to the winners, and to all the nominees!


It's the International Day of Climate Action.

How are you getting your digs ready for winter? I've got some traction strips I have to put on the porch, and I'll be getting the storm windows ready on Monday. I'm also thinking of getting a couple of those door-pillow things to block drafts, and I need to get new flannel sheets. And I've already got my comforters and space heaters ready.