September 30th, 2009


Adventures In Babysitting

Letting the neighbors' kids wait for the school bus in your house is illegal. Turns out it counts as running an unlicensed day care center.

The State of Michigan does seem to be on this one, and making moves in the direction of common sense and community spirit, but Oy frickin Gevalt. This whole thing started because some other neighbor lodged a complaint. I wonder what the hell that complaint said.

Most of us have taken care of, or at least extensively interacted with, kids at some point in our lives. How do you handle 'em? My nieces and nephews usually bombard me with whatever's cool that day, and I look at what they've got and ask questions and let 'em know I'm interested and paying attention. Sometimes it's a very quick thing, but my brother's oldest boy can go for a half-hour without taking a breath.

And They Say WE Hate America

There are a bunch of crazy, dangerous people out there, who have been manipulated and brainwashed by people who have none of their interests at heart. The only thing those manipulators care for is their own personal wealth and power, and they lie with impunity, and the corporate media enables them.

And lately, they're getting even crazier. And, I think, more dangerous.

I haven't even wanted to deal with 'em, because I'm trying to get some things done, and because I don't like being angry all the time.

Fortunately, redneckgaijin did it for me. And I've disabled comments on this post so we can have the conversation over there.