September 5th, 2009


A Message

Could the very nice person (whose name I can't remember, I hate it when that happens) who schlepped my merch from the Marriott to the Hyatt last night please contact me? Preferably, in person, at my table at the Marriott. Thanks.

Dragon*Con Stuff

Peter Jurasik hugged me.

So did Lois Bujold.

Peter David remembered me fifteen years after I'd met him.

William Shatner complimented me as he walked by.

Don Maitz thanked me for the pirate songs I've written.

Lots of people said my fifteen minutes at the Awards Banquet were the highlight of the evening.

Even the waitstaff enjoyed it, and told me so.

And, in the middle of my later concert (which was disjointed 'cause I was on an adrenalin high but still way fun), [info] devospice informed us that The FuMP had just won the PARSEC award for Best Speculative Fiction Music podcast.

Reeeeeeeeeal good night.