August 29th, 2009


ConText So Far

Nice time, confusing and sprawling hotel. Seriously, this is where OVFF is going to be next year, and it's just a little confuzzling. However, I saw Moonwolf and his wife right off, and Juanita, and rms_butterfly, and Dan Young, and judifilksign signed my concert, and Mark and Roberta Peters did the sound, and it was small but way fun, and then we did the open filk for awhile, and I talked with Kathy Hamilton about OVFF stuff, and I got to sleep around 2:00.

Didn't get to the con today till about 3:00 -- I went to lunch with some old and dear friends I haven't seen in about a year and a half. I did poke my nose into the authors' panel run by Duryea/Samuel T. Clemmons, and then the dealers' room. Saw Larry and Sally, and Sharon, and a few more people. And now I'm back up in my room, waiting to hear from Wolf re: dinner.

How's your day going?