June 9th, 2009





My comments to the New York Times opinion pages tend not to get posted. I get cranky. And this morning has got me really cranky.

See, a few months ago, after an appalling year of lies, bullshit, and warmongering by William "The Bloody" Kristol, they got a new guy at the NYT: Ross Douthat, who was known as a conservative but reputed to be calm and thoughtful. Well, that didn't last long. He's just another one toeing the party line. Fine. Fine fine fine.

But this morning's opus was something else again. It's about Dr. George Tiller and the abortion debate, and it's calm and thoughtful and so full of shit it needs fiber supplements and Drano. But it all comes down to the same thing, again: who decides what is a "good" abortion?

So I thought I'd post my comment here, just in case.
Nice to see Bill Kristol's standards for utter, consistent wrongness are being upheld.

It doesn't matter what you think of the evidence. It doesn't matter what any evangelical nutbars think of the evidence. It's a legal medical procedure, it's none of your business, and you and all the rest of the holier-than-thous wouldn't kick in one red cent to take care of the baby or the mother.

So your opinion means zippety-doo-dah, except of course for muddying the debate by making people wonder if, gosh, maybe the murdering terrorist currently complaining about the conditions in his cell while they BURIED his victim the other day, maybe that killer has a valid point.

I wish upon you what I wish upon all sanctimonious pro-birthers: your very own womb, so someone else can claim dominion over it.
Athenae over at First Draft has an excellent take on it as well.


And, coming off the last post, here's a little tidbit for anyone who FUCKING DARES to say that the murder of Dr. George Tiller was not terrorism.

His clinic is being closed, effective immediately.

Don't agree with the law? Don't like what someone's doing, legally, that doesn't affect you? Just kill 'em, and they'll be dead and their business will close and women will be deprived of their rights and workers of their careers and one guy of his life but that's okay because your flavor of Baby Jeebus will stop crying. For now.

Some people think that's the American fucking way.