April 27th, 2009


Twitter v1.0

Samuel F. B. Morse was born on this date in 1791. He's best known for creating the Morse Code, the first electrically carried communication system. His first message was, "What hath God wrought?" which demonstrates why there are engineers over here and tech writers over there because how FRICKIN' BRAIN DAMAGED is it to send YOUR VERY FIRST TEST MESSAGE in Olde English dialect?

And that's why your first computer program prints "HELLO WORLD" to the screen. The End.

So, you have 140 characters with which to send The Most Important Message You Will Ever Send To Anybody. What is it?

Alternately, what are your favorite joke telegrams? You know the type: "The message is as follows. Stop. No, you idiot, keep writing. Stop. Dammit, don't do that! Stop."