April 10th, 2009



I'm on Facebook. Here's my personal page, and here's my artist page -- at least, I think those are the addresses. Both embryonic, so please don't tell me yet what they're missing. I'm workin' on it.

Frankly, gang, given the amount of bullshit dealing with this psychotic interface and the fact that I can't seem to just give people a simple page, e.g., filkertom.livejournal.com or myspace.com/filkertom, this had better be worth it.

And I'm not even thinking yet about Dreamwidth....

ETA: Remember, gang, it's not merely resistance to the new. I have not been having a get-offa-my-lawn moment here. Facebook has had recurring problems with privacy and intellectual property rights, and every time they turn into Britney Spears. "Oops! I did it again."

Combine that with the lousy frickin' unintuitive maze that they try to pass off as an interface, and I can't figure out why anyone's there at all.

It seems, however, that that's where everyone is going. So, I'm there.