April 4th, 2009



Hi and hugs to many of our dear friends, gathered at FIlkOntario right now. Heather Dale is the GOH, Urban Tapestry are the Filk Waifs, Gerry and Sandy Tyra are the Interfilk guests, and the Special Guest is Robert J Sawyer. If you're there with that bunch and not having a good time, you're actively trying not to.

I wish I could've made it this year, but it was not to be. I'll try again for next year. And, of course, later this evening we'll have the newest inductees into the Filk Hall of Fame.

What-all are you doing this weekend? I'm trying to get some music written; it's been awhile, and I've got to make some progress or I'll go crazy. Also a bit of kitchen-cleaning.

ETA: D'oh! Other friends are at other cons this weekend, such as wormquartet, marcgunn, unclekage and I think devospice up at ICon.

Bad Touch, Good Touch

David Shuster filled in for Teh Keith on Thursday, and had a report on Michelle Obama in London, covering both Oh Horror The Touching Of The Queen and Ms. Obama's visit to a girls' school. The first part, David handles decisively and with only the little amount of snark necessary under such circumstances.

The second part will bring tears to your eyes.

... And what the hell is up with those people who not only take a cheap shot but are obviously either blind or simply scared of a tall, strong black woman, and have called her "ugly"? The fuck!? Never mind that it's insulting, rude, and the lowest point of a failed debate argument -- I think the woman is frickin' gorgeous.