March 7th, 2009


Happy, Not Happy (Watchmen Spoilers In Comments)

JoCo and Paul & Storm was a great concert night. Especially Paul & Storm, who really kick up the energy on stage. Unfortunately, it was very crowded, so I couldn't go over and talk to them -- I had no idea where they were after the show, actually.

Watchmen was pretty cool, and jayzus god faithful. I literally could only think of two lines (an exchange of dialogue) I wish had been there that weren't. A few quibbles with acting, direction, and pacing, but it was very nice to have "whether or not the adaptation was good enough" taken off the table.

Unfortunately, my current primary external hard drive seems to have gone belly-up. Yes, yes, I'm doing all the stuff I need to to fix it. It ain't workin'. I'll likely leave the recovery program running overnight (it's 500 GB) in the hope that I can save the files, and go get a new external to transfer everything to. Thank Cthulhu there are some on sale at Best Buy.

How's your weekend going so far?