February 27th, 2009


A Day

Skittering around doing miscellania. Went grocery shopping this morning; putting a load of laundry into the dryer in a few minutes, then making a double batch of tacos for NOM NOM NOM and freezing. Have to finish a couple of sound effects; want to work on music. Must. Try. Writing in. Complete. Sentences. At least finding pronouns. Ah, got one.


Change We Can Et Cetera

Mother of God.

Not so very long ago, we used to wonder not merely what but how many offensive, obnoxious, stupid, and/or illegal things BushCo would do on any given day.

Now?And, in case you hadn't noticed it, remember the family-planning stuff that got cut out of the stimulus because Repubs were terrified people might have sex or somethin'? Slipped into the 2010 budget.

Holy FSM.