February 22nd, 2009



Big, big important question, one I've avoided for a number of years now: How would you guys feel if I ran ads on tomsmithonline.com, and possibly some of my other sites, from Google AdSense or Project Wonderful? Offended? Put off? Rolling your eyes that I finally got with the 21st century? Can you suggest alternatives?

ETA: Okay, Project Wonderful is definitely getting the green light. Not immediately; soon. And I'll likely advertise on a few sites already using it. Google AdSense seems to be, if not the devil, at least his gameskeeper or somethin'.

ETA2: Also, possibly defeating my own purpose, I remind everyone that the Firefox plugins NoScript and AdBlock Plus kick ass and take names. Between those two, I only see ads on the sites I want to see ads on, so I literally don't know about some of the ones you guys reference in comments. Sounds as if that's a good thing.

Oscar Night

Home. More about the rest of the con later. 'Cause it's time for the Academy Awards!

Okay, I really don't much care. I hope Mickey Rourke wins for The Wrestler, but I am so not up on movies this year I don't even know what's up for Best Animated. [looks] Okay, if Wall-E doesn't win, something is very wrong. And I love both Bolt and Kung Fu Panda. What I'd really like is for Wall-E also to win Best Original Screenplay. Now that would be an in-your-face BOO-YAH!

Here are all the nominations. Thoughts on your faves?