February 21st, 2009


Saturday In Chicago

There seems to be at least three inches of snow out there, more falling. Fun. I'll likely meander over to the con in a few hours -- ideally, things will be plowed and salted by then.

Last night was fun. Got a decent number of hugs, saw a lot of friends, including many of the ones I mentioned in the previous thread.

If you haven't heard the news, Barry & Sally Childs-Helton are not here. Sally had a treadmill stress test earlier in the week, with inconclusive results, and when she complained of chest pain on Friday the doctors basically said, "Angiogram, NOW". Fortunately, everything looks clear, she's fine, and she's going to rest this weekend. tollers and harperjen are going to soldier on, with other folks (including some from toyboatband).

My set went well, I thought. About fifty people -- it's a bizarre and heady experience to realize you can greet at least half your audience by name -- and I brought out some older stuff that I hadn't played in a long time (and I should FRICKIN PRACTICE IT...). Many thanks to billroper for running sound -- I haven't spent enough time with him the last couple of years, and we talked about Just Stuff, and it was very nice. Not much sales, but that's not really why I'm here -- see hugs, above. :)

So, like I said: snow. Driving down to the con in a few hours. Concert at 4:45 in the non-Internet Cafe.

How's the day looking for you? Any snow out your way?

Saturday Night In Suburban Chicago

... is like being close to a con. :)

I guessed right: Milwaukee Ave. was wet this morning, but the three inches or so of snow had been cleared by the time I headed to the con. (More snow fell later, but nothing unmanageable.) I hung out in the dealer's room for a bit, and got the new Lois Bujold book from Larry and Sally. Also spent a few minutes talking with Gretchen, and about a half-hour with Lee. Then I went down to the Cafe for the rest of the afternoon. Deb, Amy McNally, Jen, Luke, Bill, all in great form. And my own set went well, I thought -- a little crazed, as I brought out both "Dervish" and "The Here And Now". A little more sales, a lot of schmoozing. A new shaggy dog for "Spoiler Alert" -- I think I've got to make it funnier, but I got away with it today on sheer novelty.

Now back at the hotel, having devoured pizza and feeling mostly human. I think I'll be in bed soon, and I probably will go back to the con for a couple of hours tomorrow.