February 10th, 2009


Home from What The Hell? Con

Apart from some travel glitches, all of which can be easily overcome next year (because they want me back), a superb time. Between this and ChattaCon and MidSouthCon a couple of years ago, I'm diggin' this "Southern hospitality" thing. More later. Right now, I have to change clothes, put on a load of wash, run a few errands, and then lapse into a coma.

How's your day going?

Ms. Hughes and Mr. Obama

Understand: I am not happy with the way things are going under the Obama presidency so far. I'll have to post in detail on that later this week, but the short form is that the "stimulus" is a mess and the state-secrets legal bullshit is wrong wrong wrong.

There are problems. There will always be problems, and we must always be diligent.


I defy you to watch this footage from Obama's town-hall meeting in Fort Myers, FL today, and not get at least a little bit teary-eyed, and feel a little proud that, after eight years of Chimpy McShithead, someone like this is, at last, our president.

And the best part is, the community stepped up.