February 9th, 2009



Didn't get all that far last night. I was freakin' tired. I did get some sleep, though, so I'm hoping to do better today. Home? We'll see.

The core of the plan is getting to Knoxville and turning right on I-75, the highway I know and love best. Even through Tennessee and Kentucky, it's better than the I-77 through the Virginias was.

What are your favorite, and least favorite, roads for distance travel? I adore the Ohio Turnpike and the PA turnpike up to Pittsburgh... at which point, from just south of Steel City all the way to Philly, it's pretty much hell on burnt toast. I'm also very fond of I-94... as long as I don't have to go into Chicago. And I-10 across Texas was amazing -- wide-open, not too many trucks, beautiful landscapes, ten thousand heads of cattle, the whole ball o' wax.