January 30th, 2009


JoCo and Watchmen

March 6 is on a busy weekend.

First, there's MarsCon up in the Minneapolis area. Awesome con, with an incredible music lineup.

Second, there's Dorsai Thing, which I would love to get to this year.

Ain't goin' to either.

See, right here in town, Jonathan Coulton (along with Paul and Storm) is going to be at The Ark.

(It'll be the first time I've been to The Ark since the night of the accident.)

Who is interested in going? I mean, I'm not gonna buy tickets for you or anything, but it would be fun to have a bunch of us lay claim to several tables in front if possible. And, if you're going into town any time soon, Herb David has tickets with only a $2.00 service charge, rather than the usurious rates charged by TicketMaster. Ya gotta pay by cash or check, but hey.

And, the next day, Saturday, Anne and huskiebear and Tom U. and I are planning on seeing Watchmen at the Showcase Ann Arbor. Probably a noonish show, followed up by our traditional dissection of the movie along with copious food, most likely at the Red Robin or Steak & Shake across the way. Again, who's in?