January 18th, 2009


Happy Birthday, A. A. Milne

On this date in 1882. (h/t billroper)

If you were picking books for a child's first library, what would be in it? I'd have the collected Pooh, Six By Seuss, and The Monster At The End Of This Book (starring lovable furry ol' Grover). And a few solid kids' nonfiction, maybe outer space and certainly history. For later, a book of Greek myths (maybe D'Aulaires'), fairy tales by Perrault and the Brothers Grimm, Arabian Nights, some Verne, some Yolen, maybe some L'Engle. Copies of The Hobbit and The Chronicles of Prydain.

This Land Is Your Land

My fellow Americans: No matter your political inclination, this will, I hope, make you feel fantastic.

When I grow up, I wanna be Peter Seeger.

ETA: This thread at dKos has videos of a lot more of the afternoon concert, as well as Obama's speech. There's also the text of the prayer delivered by The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, which HBO apparently didn't deign to broadcast, which is a damn shame.

ETA2: YouTube has taken down all the video they can find of this, because HBO is claiming copyright violation. Of the inaugural concert? I suspect there will be a little noise on this.

ETA3: Can't stop the signal.

ETA4: A new embed, above. Thanks to braider.