Tom Smith (filkertom) wrote,
Tom Smith

IT IS ALIVE: Diabetes, Patreon, and Just Missing LJ

Good lord, I'm doing LJ once every six months now. I really, really have to spend more time here.

I admit, it's just easier to post on FB. And many of my friends have migrated there. So it's been really easy to not visit LJ. Which isn't fair to LJ, or to all of you.

A lot of you are NOT on FB. And I miss you.

So... what's been happening? Well, you likely heard the biggest thing: my marginal diagnosis of type 2 diabetes went full-blown on FenCon weekend, and I ended up in the hospital for three days. Blood sugar somewhere over 600. (All possible praise for Tim Morgan, Sarah Brigdon, Tim and Russ Miller, and everybody else on the FenCon staff. They took care of me, and possibly even saved my life.) Fortunately, the hospital staff got me down to manageable levels, and I was able to soldier on to ConTraFlow in NOLA.

I now log everything I eat on My Fitness Pal. I've dropped Pepsi completely. And I've dropped salty snacks by 75-80%. Result: since the end of September, I've lost somewhere between 75 and 85 lbs. Blood sugar is well under control, I'm eating better, I feel better. Mind you, I'm still a 340-350-lbs. guy. But that beats the hell out of 425. And, while it might be difficult, getting down to 250 lbs. no longer seems impossible. I'm literally almost halfway there.

Getting my body chemistry working better has also done wonders for my head and my attitude. I'm actually spending four or five hours a day working on music again. I've spent a lot of time learning new mixing techniques, exploring my audio toys, and finding out that I am getting better at it.

I'm also writing more songs again. And I just launched a Patreon page (, where you can support me on a by-song basis, i.e., I release a new song, you give me some money. I hope you'll check it out.

I could go into a lot more detail, and maybe later I will, but right now this is just a hey-how-are-ya touching-base kinda thing. So... how are you? Those of you not on FB, what's been going on? I hope you're all well, or at least not all bad.
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