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Sun, Dec. 22nd, 2013, 11:12 am
A Lazy Sunday

For the most part, the forecasted Icepocalypse did not take place, at least not in Southeastern Michigan. A few places got a few inches of snow, there's a bit of a glaze of ice, but 'tain't nothin' like what they warned us about. So there will be a quick trip to Kroger today, to get my official French toast kit and some fresh fruit, and then the ol' Hunker Down For A Couple Of Days play.

How are you doin'?

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Mon, Dec. 23rd, 2013 12:03 am (UTC)

Trying to recover from a sore throat and coughing that's been plaguing me for about 2 weeks. I think I'm through the worst of it, but I thought I was through the worst of it before. I did get sick during my shopping trip yesterday and had to finish today so that's done except for wrapping. I have one day of work tomorrow and I'm leaving to visit family on Thursday. I really hope to be over this by then. I am SO sick of coughing and I'm pretty sure my office-mate is tired of it too.

I ordered the Google Chromecast which arrived yesterday. I spent a few hours marathoning Wolverine & the X-men and getting rest. This will be my first Christmas away from home. It will be hard emotionally but since I'm going there the day after and that I'm still sick I can get some comfort in justification.

Due to how the train schedules are going to be messed up this week and next I'm hoping to get out of work early so I can order a pizza and hunker down with minimal traveling (mostly to the market when I decide what to get for Christmas Dinner).

Mon, Dec. 23rd, 2013 03:37 pm (UTC)

Ah man, that kinda sucks. I know you'll be away but here's hoping for a Merry belated Christmas! :) If I knew how I'd get you some of my dad's Christmas chicken (that's what we all call it since this is the one time a year he makes it since it's so much work, plus Christmas Eve is my sister's birthday and that's what she always wants) It goes over pretty well, if you'd like I'll see about getting you the recipe. :) I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing it to spread a little joy, not like it's a huge secret or anything.

Mon, Dec. 23rd, 2013 04:57 pm (UTC)

Thanks for the offer but I have a lamb breast in the freezer that I'm going to thaw, dry for a day, then roast in accordance to a recipe I found online. I only have to get a few ingredients for it too.

Happy birthday to your sister. My father's birthday is today and my birthday was last week so I have a sense on how it feels to have a birthday so close to Christmas.

You can post the chicken recipe here so everyone can see it. Due to time and space constraints I don't get to do as much cooking as I'd like. I'm not even sure I'd use the recipe if I got it. (Maybe if I find some chicken thighs on sale, I can try making a large batch I can freeze for later.) Generally I like making enough of something that I can take it to work in a large Tupperware container and have it last for 4 lunches.

Mon, Dec. 23rd, 2013 10:35 pm (UTC)
bayushisan: Christmas Chicken

Here you go all. (This is transcribed from the recipe card that was on the refrigerator that my Dad typed and wrote on. I did make one change because one ingredient was renamed by the company)

1 or 2 chickens cut up
2-4 cups onion (we use sweet onions)
1 cup green onions
1 cup celery
1 bell pepper
1 cup parsley
1 cup pimentos (sliced or chopped are easier to deal with, otherwise you have to slice them yourself)
3-4 cups chicken broth (add 1 tablespoon Lea and Perkins Marinade for Chicken *this used to be White Worcestershire Sauce* and 1-2 dashes of Louisiana hot sauce for flavor to broth)
1-2 cups white grape juice or apple juice (your choice) with broth
salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper to taste

Lay chicken in greased dish, season with salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper to taste. Put onions over chicken, next put the green onions over the regular onions, followed by the celery, bell pepper, and parsley. Sprinkle the pimentos over the parsley so it looks red and green (hence why we call it Christmas Chicken, :) ) Pour in broth mixture and cover. Cook for 2-2 1/2 hours at 365

(As a side note we use boneless and skinless chicken breasts and thighs and it works just fine 4-whatever pounds you need for your serving size. My mom usually makes chicken noodle soup with the left overs)

As with anything if the hot stuff in it is too hot feel free to leave it out. It's really just to taste and we only use drops and not dashes ourselves.

But that's the recipe. I hope someone gets a chance to try it my Dad would get a kick out of hearing people's reactions.

Merry Christmas all!