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Sun, Aug. 11th, 2013, 02:28 pm
New FREE* Concert - ConTemporal 2013

So here's the deal.

I'm not in any danger of being thrown out on the street or anything, but I have got a few pending things that I need some cash for -- dental work, GenCon, stuff like that.

So I'm working frantically to get some new concerts up, and to finish a couple of paid-for projects so I can get back to other projects, including, y'know, long-overdue new albums.

First up is my concert at ConTemporal this year. And I think I've done a pretty good job of spiffing up the package. Best possible audio. Lyrics and notes all over the individual song pages. All the JPGs for the CD, tray, and insert. (Subscribers, I'm uploading the MP3s right now, and later this evening I'll upload a disk image for you, already registered with Gracenote [sans cover art -- that's an ass-pain].)

Aaaaaand it's free. You don't have to pay a thing.

What's the catch?

None. I'm gonna start putting ALL my concerts up on BandCamp that way, and update things on tomsmithonline.com soon as well. The concerts will be free.

Unless you'd like to pay me something for them, to help support an artist.

(I repeat: Subscribers, this is already in your folder or will be within about fifteen minutes. You're good, and thanks again.)

Anyway. It was a pretty damn good concert. We had lots of fun, and a bunch of people hadn't heard my stuff, and we laughed and sang and et cetera and I even improv'd a song about a lady carrying on a conversation right near the stage, and I think managed to not offend anyone or come off looking like a jerk.

48 minutes of Tomedy (... okay, that word dies a quick death starting nnnNOW), free for nothin'.

Thanks to you all.

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Sun, Aug. 11th, 2013 07:25 pm (UTC)

Thanks, Tom! Donated and downloaded.

Sun, Aug. 11th, 2013 10:38 pm (UTC)

I bought a copy for a friend who was confused when I said "Tom gives good concert" a couple days ago. Evidently she never went to a show where the performer interacted with the audience, much less as casually as you.

As for the conversation song, you realize of course this means people in your audience will now try to do increasingly interesting things just so you'll improvise a riff on them.

Sun, Aug. 11th, 2013 11:29 pm (UTC)

Hey. It's a feature, not a bug. :)