Tom Smith (filkertom) wrote,
Tom Smith

Okay, Now I'm Asking For Me

I really hate to do this.

You guys are all the best, most supportive, most wonderful fans any musician could want, and the best friends anyone could hope for. You have helped me when I've been down, and shared in my triumphs when I've been up, and kept me sane on this ludicrous adventure, and I love you all so much for that.

I do have the best job in the world. I do. But, in this economy, what I'm doing simply isn't paying off. This last year, financially, has been utter hell.

I am getting my ass kicked by bills right now. I'm trying to finish two songs so I will at least have rent paid, and they're not coming easily. Hell, I've been working on one for over two weeks now. So much for The World's Fastest Filker. I've only got three gigs between now and Memorial Day. I've been trying to get other gigs, and no one's calling me back. I'm waiting on frickin' TomBoat. I'm trying to get a handle on Herbert West, which has become the monster project from hell. I've got other stuff I want to write, but I have things I must get done, and they're all getting in each other's way.

I'm talking to a lawyer about trying, again, to get Social Security Disability income. No idea how long that will take. I already borrowed money from a good friend, and it's going to be awhile before I can pay that back. I thought it would be enough to get me through the month. It wasn't. I don't want to borrow anymore. I feel slimy doing so.

And, last night, I noticed a brand-new, lovely, wavy crack extending three-quarters of the way across my windshield. Looked a whole lot like a last straw.

I need help.

I know you guys are hurting as badly, or worse, than I am. And I wish I could do something about that as well. I feel miserable about asking this of you. But I need help.

If you can spare something, please, that would be excellent. And, in return, you can have all I have to give. This Donate button right here:

will take you to a special folder that has all of my albums and live shows. Same files, copied directly from the Double Secret merch folder. Download what you want, whatever you think is fair.

I am so sorry for asking this of you. I feel as if I've failed, big-time. And you have all given so much. But right now, I just can't do it alone. I'm sorry.

Thank you.

ETA: Oh my god.

I am flabbergasted by the help and support you are offering. I love you all so damn much. Thank you. Thank you.

ETA2: Again, thank all of you so, so much. My rent is paid, and I'm getting a handle on other stuff, and my nerves are still wracked but they're loosening to the point that the first song I must get done is making more sense now. Thank you, thank you.

In comments, I see that some people are not getting sent to the download folder. If you are one of those, PM me, and I'll PM you back with the URL.

ETA3: Okay, I'm good. :) No, really. I cannot thank you all enough. Your generosity is astonishing, and it will be remembered and returned. I'm going to keep the folder up for a week or two, in case anyone wants to download some more or you're on dial-up or somethin' like that. But you have helped more than you can possibly know, both financially and spiritually. So many thanks, so much love to you all.

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