Tom Smith (filkertom) wrote,
Tom Smith

Bad Hard Drive Day

Could be much worse. I've been trying to install a new system drive to replace the old one (which has not gone yet, and which is thoroughly backed up, I can be taught), but between swapping hardware and changing drive letters and such, I've managed to make my main computer unbootable. I can do a clean install, but that means digging for all my disks. Note my joy.

On the other hand, a system is usually much perkier after a clean install.

How's your day so far?


It took two very basic installs of XP SP2 (using a slipstream disk) and a little bit of three-hard-drive Monte in the registry, but I am apparently back to where I was on Wednesday, except my C: drive is now 500 GB rather than 160 and it's not making that annoying cricket noise. Haven't unattached the old drive yet; may not. But I'm not gonna use it for anything important. And DriveImage XML worked like a champ.

Hahhhhhhh. Muuuuuch better.
Tags: computers
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