Tom Smith (filkertom) wrote,
Tom Smith

Home From FenCon

The past month and a half I've had an interesting trend: I've exhausted the heck out of myself, and not made that much money, but the sheer fun of it all has been amazing. GenCon, ConText, Dragon*Con, and now FenCon -- lotsa work, not as much cash as I expected, but such good times.

Many, many thanks to the whole FenCon crew, especially Russ and Tim who are consistently above and beyond the call. And many more hugs to singingpatient, Joe Giacoio, bedlamhouse, ladyat, billroper (I didn't even see daisy_knotwise or the girls), filkferengi, lukeski, Kerry Gilley, etc., etc., etc. I'm definitely going back next year (which is good because I may not make the Raleigh, NC NASFiC they're running, as GenCon Indy moved its dates back a week, drat them).

How was your weekend?
Tags: conventions, friends
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