PenguiCon, Agents of SHIELD/Age of Ultron, and LJ's Stupid Editor

Jayzus god, I've been trying for a full minute to get a stupid cursor in this editor. What's the point of upgrading your software, guys, if one of the most popular browsers in the world (Chrome) has to dick around with it to actually, y'know, function?


Anyway. A time between posts, I know -- but this time less than a month! Go me! (Speaking of which -- this morning's blood sugar: 106.)

For those of you who've been champing at the bit for Avengers: Age of Ultron (released this weekend in the UK and some other overseas markets, and next weekend here in the US), remember that the Agents of SHIELD TV show ties in with it. Given all the trailer footage we've seen, it's not likely to be very spoilery as such, but it is a part of the story, and AoS will continue with some elements of the story after.

Other stuff: This weekend I'm performing at PenguiCon in Southfield, MI. My set's at 4:00 pm Saturday. Also appearing: Mikey Mason! In all, there are over four hundred separate programming events, ranging from sf/fantasy lit to Maker and DIY to open-source computing to costuming to anime to music creation to urban farming. It should be a blast.

And how are all of you doing?

New Concert, and First Patreon Song

Morning, all! Yesterday I posted a new concert up at my Bandcamp page -- my main set on Friday night at CapriCon 2015 last month. The mic was in the audience, so there's a lot of great background noise from the crowd. (Seriously. I promise you that, in this case, it's a feature, not a bug. And you can listen to the whole thing for free, streaming!)

And, a couple of days ago, I posted my first Patreon song. It's a parody of JoCo's song "Tom Cruise Crazy" called "Ted Cruz Crazy". Patrons above a certain level also got a free MP3 of my set at ConFusion in January, before anyone else can even get it. If you want to sign up for the next one (which I hope to finish over the weekend), my Patreon page is at Thanks!

IT IS ALIVE: Diabetes, Patreon, and Just Missing LJ

Good lord, I'm doing LJ once every six months now. I really, really have to spend more time here.

I admit, it's just easier to post on FB. And many of my friends have migrated there. So it's been really easy to not visit LJ. Which isn't fair to LJ, or to all of you.

A lot of you are NOT on FB. And I miss you.

So... what's been happening? Well, you likely heard the biggest thing: my marginal diagnosis of type 2 diabetes went full-blown on FenCon weekend, and I ended up in the hospital for three days. Blood sugar somewhere over 600. (All possible praise for Tim Morgan, Sarah Brigdon, Tim and Russ Miller, and everybody else on the FenCon staff. They took care of me, and possibly even saved my life.) Fortunately, the hospital staff got me down to manageable levels, and I was able to soldier on to ConTraFlow in NOLA.

I now log everything I eat on My Fitness Pal. I've dropped Pepsi completely. And I've dropped salty snacks by 75-80%. Result: since the end of September, I've lost somewhere between 75 and 85 lbs. Blood sugar is well under control, I'm eating better, I feel better. Mind you, I'm still a 340-350-lbs. guy. But that beats the hell out of 425. And, while it might be difficult, getting down to 250 lbs. no longer seems impossible. I'm literally almost halfway there.

Getting my body chemistry working better has also done wonders for my head and my attitude. I'm actually spending four or five hours a day working on music again. I've spent a lot of time learning new mixing techniques, exploring my audio toys, and finding out that I am getting better at it.

I'm also writing more songs again. And I just launched a Patreon page (, where you can support me on a by-song basis, i.e., I release a new song, you give me some money. I hope you'll check it out.

I could go into a lot more detail, and maybe later I will, but right now this is just a hey-how-are-ya touching-base kinda thing. So... how are you? Those of you not on FB, what's been going on? I hope you're all well, or at least not all bad.

Streaming Concert Highlight

The Concert Window archive page for my concert is live, including the Van Getting Rear-Ended story and "Operation: Desert Storm", as well as some very nice reviews.

ETA: There was a reward promised to anyone who tipped at least $3. I just now (7:00-ish Wednesday night) sent out an email with that info to the nice people who did so. If you're one of them, and you haven't got that email from filkertom at yahoo, PLEASE email me at that address to let me know.

Love You Long Time

Have I really not been on LJ for six months!?

Yowzah. Well, hi, everyone. I've been doing all my social media-izing on Facebook, which is great except for the shitty stuff, and I realized I wanted to not only check in, but get you up to date.

I missed a few cons -- InCon, LibertyCon, GenCon -- because of money or lack thereof, but it's mostly been an excellent con summer. Highlight was DragonCon, which was pretty awesome, except for the attempts to negotiate the dealers' area. Yeesh.

A little bit of physical distress here and there, most recently a tooth pulled this past Tuesday. Otherwise, health mostly good.

The new-to-me van is still giving me trouble, but we've narrowed it down, and hope to have it all taken care of this coming week.

Upcoming conventions are all go: FenCon in TX, ConTraFlow in New Orleans, OVFF in Columbus (I'm up for two Pegasus Awards!), WindyCon in Chicago/Lombard, ChessieCon in Baltimore-ish.

And, tomorrow night, Sept. 14, I'm doing a live streaming concert. Should be fun. (I believe you have to have a free account at Concert Window to see it, but the concert itself is pay-what-you-want, minimum $1, I get 70%.)

I hope you're all doing okay...?

Oh, Look -- Tom's 2014 Schedule

I haven't yet posted my schedule for 2014. Here 'tis, as of today. Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is not yet finalized but pretty darn likely.

March 14-16: Millennicon, Cincinnati, OH ( )
April 25-27: Midwest Media Expo*, Detroit, MI ( )
May 2-4: PenguiCon*, Southfield, MI ( )
June 6-8: DucKon, Wheeling, IL ( )
June 20-22: FuMPFest, Wheeling, IL ( )
June 26-29: LibertyCon*, Chattanooga, TN ( )
July 4-6: InConJunction*, Indianapolis, IN ( )
July 17-20: DetCon 1, Detroit, MI ( )
Aug. 1: private function
Aug. 14-17: Gen Con Indy*, Indianapolis, IN ( )
Aug. 29-Sept. 1: Dragon Con*, Atlanta, GA ( )
Sept. 26-28: FenCon*, Addison, TX ( )
Oct. 3-5: ContraFlow, New Orleans, LA ( )
Oct. 24-26: Ohio Valley Filk Festival, Columbus, OH ( )
Nov. 14-16: WindyCon, Lombard, IL ( )
Nov. 28-30: ChessieCon, Baltimore, MD ( )

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Pay What You Want at My Bandcamp Page till 3/17/2014

Okay, money just got a little tighter than I like. (Current flavor of Straw That Broke The Camel's Back: glasses frames snapped.) And I'm not ready for any kind of Kickstarter yet. So: I have lowered the price of EVERY ALBUM AND LIVE SHOW at my Bandcamp site to "Pay What You Want".

This will be at least until St. Patrick's Day, and I will have a couple of new live shows and possibly something else released before then.

If you can help out, many thanks, and I hope you enjoy the music! If you just want to get some music free, now's the time.

This entry was originally posted at You may comment there or here, although LJ tends to have a livelier conversation at this time.