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Fri, Mar. 7th, 2014, 03:09 pm
Oh, Look -- Tom's 2014 Schedule

I haven't yet posted my schedule for 2014. Here 'tis, as of today. Anything marked with an asterisk (*) is not yet finalized but pretty darn likely.

March 14-16: Millennicon, Cincinnati, OH ( http://www.millennicon.org/ )
April 25-27: Midwest Media Expo*, Detroit, MI ( http://www.midwestmediaexpo.com/ )
May 2-4: PenguiCon*, Southfield, MI ( http://www.penguicon.org/ )
June 6-8: DucKon, Wheeling, IL ( http://www.duckon.org/ )
June 20-22: FuMPFest, Wheeling, IL ( http://fumpfest.com/ )
June 26-29: LibertyCon*, Chattanooga, TN ( http://www.libertycon.org/ )
July 4-6: InConJunction*, Indianapolis, IN ( http://www.inconjunction.org/ )
July 17-20: DetCon 1, Detroit, MI ( http://detcon1.org/ )
Aug. 1: private function
Aug. 14-17: Gen Con Indy*, Indianapolis, IN ( http://www.gencon.com/ )
Aug. 29-Sept. 1: Dragon Con*, Atlanta, GA ( http://www.dragoncon.org/ )
Sept. 26-28: FenCon*, Addison, TX ( http://www.fencon.org/ )
Oct. 3-5: ContraFlow, New Orleans, LA ( http://contraflowscifi.org/ )
Oct. 24-26: Ohio Valley Filk Festival, Columbus, OH ( http://www.ovff.org/ )
Nov. 14-16: WindyCon, Lombard, IL ( http://www.windycon.org/ )
Nov. 28-30: ChessieCon, Baltimore, MD ( http://chessiecon.org/ )

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Mon, Mar. 10th, 2014 02:56 am (UTC)

I looked up some of those places and driving times and I don't know how you do it. My longest drive was about 4 hours from my parents home to Urbana for Chabamacon last Thanksgiving. I felt like a zombie going into the hotel and doubt I could have made it much further. Now I see driving times of 6 hours and I wonder how the hell can I go to them.

You know what convention sites need? Well first some of them need better designers. But apart from that they need a message board to help carpoolers. Something like "I'm in X going to FunCon, does anyone want to ride with me and do some of the driving?" Something like that will make friends and bring more people to the con.

Mon, Mar. 10th, 2014 02:12 pm (UTC)

That's a seriously good idea, especially for the regionals. Tell you what -- I'll talk to DetCon, FenCon, and DragonCon, you hook up with Windy and maybe Duck, and we'll start there. Anybody out there want to talk to Kage or Giza about AnthroCon?

Fri, Mar. 14th, 2014 03:14 am (UTC)

I refined the idea a bit more. The con would just post on their site a list of cities where people need a ride live. Then those who have registered (so we know who they are) can tell the con, "I'm in/passing through [city] and I have room for X people who [can drive/help pay for gas/whatever]." The con would be the go-between and let the people work out the details. I'm not sure what sort of legal responsibilities the con would have though, it could be why no one has done it before.