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Sat, Apr. 14th, 2012, 07:03 am

Here It Comes Again: A "life-threatening" storm system, with the possibilities of tornadoes and hail is stretching from the Northern Plains to Texas, and definitely including Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri, heading east like a big ol' honkin' squeegee of destruction. The next few days may be awful for a lot of people in the central-to-eastern U.S. If you find yourself in the danger zone, PLEASE BE READY TO TAKE COVER IMMEDIATELY.

weatherdude at dKos keeps us informed. He does one-stop clearinghouse like nobody's business. And here's a very useful page: Weather Underground's Tornado Map, which has lots of info and a live feed of tornado warnings across the country.

(And, from several days ago, an article I've been looking for an excuse to link to: a meteorologist who made it a point to mention his conservative politics... who is not only not a climate change denier, he's really ticked off at his side of the political aisle because he's convinced there are going to be some truly devastating storms hitting major urban areas, resulting in huge casualty tolls.)

Sound off once you're in the clear.

ETA: a couple of links.

ETA2: Weatherdude's original diary is still there, but he's continuously updating this one.

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